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Student Uploads

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A selection of artwork and ideas from students who have used this site.

The first annual Pacific Grove Unified School District calendar was created in collaboration with Hopkins Marine Station Stanford University. Graduate students at Hopkins went to each school in the district and talked to the students about the theme for the year - Tide Pools! The students then drew pictures based off of what they learned and submitted them to the calendar contest. Student drawings from each grade were selected as winners and their artwork is featured in the calendar. Here in Monterey Bay, we are lucky enough to have some of the most well-known tide pools right in our backyard. Tide pools provide food and shelter to many fish and invertebrate species, such as: sea urchins, limpets, sea stars, snails, crabs, lobsters, sea slugs, sea anemones, chitons, sea cucumbers, mussels, and many more! These sea creatures have developed many adaptations to survive in the rough tide pool environment, where they experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the day and are often completely exposed to the air. When looking through the calendar, see if you can identify the tide pool animals and their adaptations in each month.

This initiative was lead by Katrina Hounchell, PhD candidate at the Hopkins Marine Station. Contact Katrina at for further information.

Download the Calendar

kids drawings
kids drawing 2